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On bookmarking and self-archiving

I’ve spent way too much time investigating a better approach to organizing and keeping bookmarks. I’ve gone through the traditional browser bookmarking system (too stuck in one environment), pinboard (nice and simple, but so drab to actually look at), (sometimes too much to look at), or even an organized notes file (I end up forgetting it exists).

While reading how others manage bookmarks in various HackerNews posts, I found this gem:

I have made 95%(2000+) of my bookmarks public on GitHub[0]. I have categorized them and host them on a public repository(110+ forks, ~1800 stars) and push every week. I have also made the entire repo available as a GitBook with search and export as PDF functionality.


Which ended up leading me to personal wiki’s, such as this one:

It’s a fascinating little experiment that puts a whole new twist on bookmarks. It helps me view them as more than just a link that I’m hoarding somewhere for future reference; rather they end up as reference point in a wiki that chronicles things I have learned or would like to learn more about. So, I’ve decided to try this out with my own: